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Trolley Barn Public Market

An indoor, year-round marketplace where residents and visitors can find fresh, seasonal food from local farmers, fishers, and food entrepreneurs. Dine-in or shop for produce, meat and poultry, eggs, dairy, fish, bread and baked goods, beverages, and specialty and prepared foods. Visit for kids activities, cooking demos, classes, events, and fresh food all year long. 


"The Yard" - Food - Beer, Wine & Spirits - Fun!

Celebrating craft beverage culture, "The Yard" is Trolley Barn's Beer Garden nestled in its very own park with more than 9,500 square feet of outdoor garden area, vast open-air seating, an inviting covered pavilion and a large game area complete with Cornhole.

The Butcher, the Baker & the Brew Pub

Black River Farms Winery


Black River Farms is a Lehigh Valley  vineyard and winery owned and operated by Andrew and Kris Warner.  Blessed with rich and productive soils that assist us in growing grapes of the highest quality, we are proud to share the final product, our flavorful wines. We are so happy to offer their relaxed, rustic tasting area to Trolley Barn guests.

Coffee Shop

Designer Coffee

Coffee takes our palates on a trip that is out of this world. Don't drink any coffee before visiting because the we include a single shot of espresso, a single shot of cappuccino, and a cold-brew cascara refresher. Baristas should have at least three years of training before brewing behind the shop's bar, and it shows in the way they perfectly craft latte art, as seen above.

Two Rivers Brewing Company


The Nelsons and Reynards along with Head Brewer Josh Bushey and  Executive Chef Jeremy Bialker bring their award winning craft beer and Peanut Butter Bacon Cheddar burger from the old Mount Vernon Hotel located in Easton to our fantastic new Quakertown Trolley Barn Public Market.

About Our Newest Tenant



After 25 years of restoring and converting early American barns into unique custom homes, and an 8-year spiritual odyssey into the restoration of an 80-year-old Alaskan wooden fishing boat, I had become deeply passionate about historic things old and wooden. Objects deliberately and delicately crafted by hand from wood to serve basic and simple utilitarian functions, like harvesting and storing grains from the fields, or transporting the sea’s bounty to market… hand-hewn things.

That love of hewn objects, coupled with, among other things, a small still I received from my crew of timber framers one Christmas, led me down the path into the forbidden art of distillation. Inevitably my new-found fascination with distilling collided with my love of old wood and good whiskey and an idea was borne…. Why not experiment and study the effects of various old, rare and even extinct woods on the aging process of different spirits?

American White Oak has long held the title as the king of barrel wood in this country, but what would happen if other unique woods were used for secondary aging on spirits? The Ancients chose the term “spirits,” because they knew that the essence of a thing — its “spirit” — was called out when they distilled a grain, fruit or type of sugar.

Experts suggest that between 60%-80% of the character of an aged spirit comes from the wood that it rests in, so it all started to make perfect sense to me. As lovers of all things old and wooden, we now endeavor to again call forth the soul of these unique woods as they impart their character and undeniable spell on our Hewn Spirits.



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Trolley Barn Public Market

116 East Broad Street, Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951, United States

(267) 875-0701

Hours of Operation - Opening May 2020

Some vendors have hours outside the standard market hours.